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'cause every good thing that I do is listed

and you're keeping score.

I absolutely adore writing and reading. I'm a bit too witty to right anything deep, as I aspire to be a writer for MAD tv.

Can't write without music. 98% of my iPod is consisting of rock, besides Daft Punk and Freezepop which represent the other 2%. I don't really have a favourite band, but I can tell you my favourite from each genre if asked. Right now, I'm having a Foo Fighters/Stanfour/Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Garbage phase.

Books usually comsume 30% of my total day. I adore Charles Dickins, Jane Austen, Mitch Albom and Chuck Palahniuk, to name a few.

The outrageously popular Twilight makes me cringe, as I own and have read all 4 installments. The Host, on the other hand, is not some teenage swivel. Read it.

Rock Band needs it's own cult following. Srsly.

I do love fanfiction, my favourite author going by the name of Layda C. Maxine. She writes for a multitude of genres, and has a livejournal of her own. You can read the first two chapters of her up-and-coming novel there. Check her out on fanfiction, and click on the "homepage" link to lead you to her lj.

Slash writers are clearly the best.

My friends are amazing.
Geener is God.
Sonia is adorable.
Sharon is the queen of satire.
Dana needs some more vodka.
Deepi's gonna kill some Warner Brothers executives.
Karlyn's finally out of Jewville.
R.I.P., old Ricky.

Best show ever? Whose Line is it Anyways.

And that's really all I can think of right now.